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Equipments detail
Equipment: sand mill for grinding printing inks
Equipment Type: Mixing Equipment -> Mixer
Unit Type: set
Technical Parameters: chamber voloum: 30L, 50L, 60L, 150L
Post Time: 2018-05-03
Main Features:
Usage: Chemical: ink, paint and coating, pigment, battery cathode material LiFePO4, titanium dioxide, pesticide suspension etc. Cosmetics: Sunscreen, Foundation powder, Eye shadow Foods: Cocoa beans, Soy protein, Vitamins
Description: The heart of this mill is the conical slot agitator with the dynamic grinding gap relief feature and intensive stator and rotor cooling system. It allows the processing of products across a wide viscosity range and offers high flexibility in terms of grinding formulation quality. The processing zones of stainless steel and ceramic materials, which has been optimized on the basis of experience, maximize life cycles while minimizing the maintenance requirements. In the machines equipped with a PLC control system, the control of important process parameters allows fully automatic operation. Process data registration ensures perfect ation.
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